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Stallone as Rocky

Size: 1.2X1m, cabinet nails in a white wooden panel, counter signed by Mr Stallone

I met Mr. Stallone at his hotel in London on his 72nd birthday. After a 20-minute conversation, he nudged his manager, who went off to bring down his wife and three daughters. I believe he just wanted to ensure I was sane, so I ended up meeting his entire family and spending almost 2 hours in his company. When his managers first contacted me around six months in advance of his UK visit, I spent four months creating three nail sculptures. He signed all three, buying one for himself. The remaining sculpture, the last one available, is totally unique. I created one of Rambo, one of Rocky, and one which was just a portrait of Mr. Stallone.He told me that the image used to create the nail sculpture had been taken after almost 2 hours, and he was getting pretty tired. Having already done a day of shooting, he got up to get changed and took off the gloves. They begged him to come back just for a few more photos, so this image captures a look of fatigue on his face. He only bothered to slip one glove on without lacing it up, while the other hand remained free. It was the image of the day, and the one that I felt compelled to use to create the nail sculpture that he signed.