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Renowned artist Marcus Levine defies categorisation, his dynamic creativity transcending boundaries of style and subject matter. Influenced by art history and driven by a constantly shifting source of inspiration, Marcus has captivated audiences worldwide with his stunning creations for over two decades.

Marcus’s journey began with his wife as his muse, channeling his artistic vision into figurative works, particularly focusing on the beauty of the human form in artistic nudes. However, as life unfolded and his daughters pursued their passions, Marcus’s artistry evolved. Inspired by one daughter’s journey into contemporary dance and the other’s love for horses, Marcus explored new realms of expression, delving into the world of ballet and equestrian themes.

For the past 20 years, Marcus has masterfully wielded the humble nail as his primary medium. This unassuming tool has become the cornerstone of his art, allowing him to create a breathtaking array of works spanning figurative, non-representational, geometric, abstract, and pop art styles. His portfolio includes mesmerising portraiture, capturing the essence of leading movie stars and cultural icons with striking precision.

Marcus’s talent has garnered international acclaim, with appearances on numerous television programs across the globe, from America to Hungary and the UK. One of the defining features of his work is the interplay of light, which infuses each piece with a dynamic energy. Feedback from collectors often highlights the sculptures’ ability to transform in different lighting conditions, continually captivating and enthralling viewers.

Step into the world of Marcus Levine and experience the awe-inspiring fusion of artistry, innovation, and storytelling. Whether it’s the graceful movements of dancers, the majestic beauty of horses, or the timeless allure of portraiture, Marcus’s creations are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them.