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A personal message from the artist:

I have always been drawn to creating things, “Idle hands are the devils work”, is probably a good description of my personality. I find that if a day goes by that I have not achieved some modicum of creativity I am depressed with myself and it is that which drives me forward.

I went to Jacob Cramer Art College and studied there for one year, I meet and associated with other now well known artists. I then went on to do a degree in Scientific and Technical Graphics in Falmouth, which took four years, more academic than artistic, though still with a creative bias, but I was also keen to make a good living for myself. I started work as a graphic designer at Harlec Television (HTV) Bristol, and for a while was very happy doing all of the computer graphics during my time there.

I was then lured away to work with the family business, which I have now been doing for 18 years. In that time I have concentrated on Landscapes, watercolours and Acrylic Portraits and Landscape photography, Highly detailed, photo-like in their reproduction, but there was a creative gap in my life, I feared to do what I really longed to do which was create modern works of art.

My break with the past came when I bought an apartment in Budapest. I wanted it to be ultra modern, and filled with modern art. After fully restoring the apartment I set about deciding what to create and to give my work a unique feel. I had been creating things in my mind for a long time, shelving things away. The idea of using nails to create my image came about some 16 years ago and I have been harbouring the idea at the back of my mind for so long. At first I wanted to do pure abstract images but that was a bridge too far.

I am currently working, or shall I say experimenting, with other non-traditional media, and more work will be available to see soon. I am as always interest in Portraits, Landscape and the classical nude.

I think that light should play a bigger roll in art and I would like to pursue the combination of light and sculpture, as integral pieces.

I am also inspired by large sculptures and installations. I have many ideas but for now my focus is on the nail art which is still stimulating and inspiring me.

Many people ask me how long a typical nail painting takes me, so to answer that question; I take around three weeks from start to finish, bigger pieces take a bit longer, But if I was working on them full time I could do them a lot quicker. 

It takes around 3,500 nails per picture and I regularly cut myself and occasionally hit my finger with the hammer. So I do suffer for my art.

Although I have made every effort to show my nail art at its photographic best on this website. You can only appreciate them fully when you stand in front of one and only then can you see how light plays such a big part of these painting, as the light shifts so do the shadows of the nails changing the contrast of each image making them darker lighter, and even sharper or softer.

As I have only just made the move to start selling my work. I am still working full time (I have to pay for my rather exuberant life style and the mortgage) but as my sales grow I hope to go full time.

Thanks for viewing my website.

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